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MBA Master of Business Administration

The Master of Business Administration from Okan University aims to enable students to gain relevant knowledge about their profession and improve their analytical thinking and leadership skills so as to play an active role in the management field.

Business Administration is a branch of science tackling business issues including the effective, profitable and efficient ways of managing private and public sector institutions while adapting to the changing environmental conditions. Management education should be compatible with the latest trends and innovations and should follow the markets closely since it targets the constantly changing and innovative business word. Some subjects are gaining a special importance in this branch. Business Administration education is gradually getting more international. 

Quick Facts

Duration: 2 years
Start: Fall – September / January
Tuition Fee: $6,000 (per year)
Location: Istanbul, Turkey

The number of companies operating in the international arena is increasing in today’s global world markets. Giving the necessary information and ability to communicate and do business with people from different cultures naturally has become one of the basic aims of management education. Our graduates possibly will be employed as “Managers” but may also receive titles such as “Director, Assistant Director, and Expert” according to the sectors they work in.

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Okan University is the university that combines all cultures and all nationalities together. That’s the reason why I love my university. It’s located in Istanbul, Turkey. Istanbul is the best city and the most comfortable place especially for students. I’m an international student from Syria, studying Business Administration. I would say it is the most helping yet strong in instruction and Education. And let’s not forget about, it’s spectacular and amazing campus. I recommend visiting Okan University and I assure just by visiting Okan, any student will love this university and will love its atmosphere.

NOUR ALADEL, Student from Syria

Learning Outcomes

Providing a curriculum with a wide range of courses, including Financial Accounting, Marketing Management, Management&Organization, Business Economics, Human Resource Management, Strategic Management and more, the Master of Business Administration from Okan University offers two alternatives for its satisfactory completion: with thesis and without thesis.

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