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Bachelor in Medicine

Students choosing to study Medicine at Okan University will have to work in out-patient, in-patient, laboratory, emergency room, operation theater facilities under supervision of the attendant physicians.

Quick Facts

Duration: 6 years
Start: Fall – September
Tuition Fee:

$23,500 per year

Location: Istanbul, Turkey

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Okan University is the university that combines all cultures and all nationalities together. That’s the reason why I love my university. It’s located in Istanbul, Turkey. Istanbul is the best city and the most comfortable place especially for students. I’m an international student from Syria, studying Business Administration. I would say it is the most helping yet strong in instruction and Education. And let’s not forget about, it’s spectacular and amazing campus. I recommend visiting Okan University and I assure just by visiting Okan, any student will love this university and will love its atmosphere.

NOUR ALADEL, Student from Syria

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the Medicine programme from Okan University, the students will be able to:

  • Describe the basic structure, development and normal mechanisms of the human in terms of molecules, cells, tissues, organs and systems.
  • Investigates the abnormal structures and mechanisms in the human body, explains with the information depending on high quality scientific research, evaluates the reason of the diseases regarding in the interaction of the individual with his environment.
  • Explain pathogenesis, clinical and diagnostic features of diseases.
  • Take the patient’s history and perform general-system based physical exam.
  • Treat patients in emergency situations and transport the patient when needed.
  • Apply basic medical procedures necessary for diagnosis and treatment of diseases.
  • Perform preventive medicine and forensic medicine applications.
  • Gain knowledge about the structure and functioning of the National Health System.
  • Define legal responsibilities and ethical principles.
  • Perform first level treatment for common diseases in the community based on scientific data and by using highly effective methods.
  • Organize and attend to scientific meetings and conduct scientific projects.
  • Know at least one common foreign language sufficient to keep up with current medical literature and communicate with peers; and use statistics and computer programmes to evaluate scientific studies.
  • Advocate for the health promotion, and development of health care services for the benefits of the individuals in the community.

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