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B.Sc. Automotive Engineering

The automotive industry in our country is constantly growing.

In our Automotive Engineering Program, we graduate engineers who are ready to work in this area. According to the Mechanical Engineers Association of Turkey, there is high demand for mechanical engineers in the manufacturing industry of Turkey. Our department therefore places special emphasis on this area as well.

Quick Facts

Duration: 4 years
Start: Fall – September
Tuition Fee:

$4,600 per year

Location: Istanbul, Turkey

Today, machines do not consist of mechanical parts alone. They also consist of electronic parts. Therefore, in our program, we teach our students about the important area of mechatronics. The language of education in this department is English. One reason for this is that English is the common language of science. The amount of relevant educational literature available in Turkish is limited, while an abundance of literature exists in English. Quality education in this field thus necessarily must be provided in the English language. Furthermore, employers are looking for employees who know English. Moreover, it is especially important to know English for those who work for international companies and companies that do work outside the country.

We believe that our graduates’ success in their private and career life will be the basic accreditation for our department and program. 

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Okan University is the university that combines all cultures and all nationalities together. That’s the reason why I love my university. It’s located in Istanbul, Turkey. Istanbul is the best city and the most comfortable place especially for students. I’m an international student from Syria, studying Business Administration. I would say it is the most helping yet strong in instruction and Education. And let’s not forget about, it’s spectacular and amazing campus. I recommend visiting Okan University and I assure just by visiting Okan, any student will love this university and will love its atmosphere.

NOUR ALADEL, Student from Syria


The Automotive Engineering Bachelor program offers a curriculum that includes a broad range of courses, such as Computer Aided Mechanical Design, Computer Programming, Mechanics of Materials, Automotive Electronics & Mechatronics, Machine Design, Heat Transfer, Automotive Production Processes, Internal Combustion Engines and many more. 

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